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Nailvana.LA focuses on the anti-aging, healthy treatment of nails and skin. Nail care is often overlooked by many but essential, especially with excessive nail polish use. “Gel polish is great as far as its strength and longevity, but the harsh chemical (acetone) to remove the gel is drying and damaging to nails,” said Gina. Nailvana’s nail strengthening and cuticle conditioning cream is the unique, new answer to this problem.  The brand is founded on the principle belief of striving to achieve natural beauty, NVLA (Nailvana.LA) products are vegan, cruelty free and are 8-free of the harsh chemicals used in nail polish products. All of NVLA’s products strengthens nails and prevents breakage.


With over 25 years of experience in the nail industry, in-home celebrity manicurist Gina Alcedo works for high-profile clients such as the kings and queens of Hollywood, Amal and George Clooney and The Carters (NDA signed) just to name a few. After working with her successful clients, she decided to start her own nail polish line. The journey took her two and a half years. Her nail polish line has received a great amount of positive great feedback thus far. Her new line of nail polishes, The Brentwood Collection, is named after the affluent west side LA neighborhood where Alcedo got her start and many of her clients reside.
Alcedo travels all around Los Angeles as a manicurist to the stars—mainly Bel-Air, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills. “Some clients have had a standing appointment with me every week for the last twenty five years,” Alcedo said. Though she serves high-profile people, it’s her humble low-profile and hard work ethic that attracts her clients and keeps them happy. Outstanding customer service, including dedication to her clients, is a critical, large part of her personal brand that she is integrating into Nailvana’s NVLA. She counts herself as very fortunate to know her clients who support her endeavors, and she continues to use her experience as a manicurist to create products that help her clients maintain healthy and beautiful nails.

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